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Do you like building, slowing down your opponents, doing combos, managing your resources?

Taluva is for you!



a game by marcel-andré casasola merkle - ILLUSTRated by Naïade & Manuel Casasola Merkle

In the southern seas, new volcanoes are suddenly springing up from the bottom. The island of Taluva has just been born! Now it's up to you to be the leader of your tribe and to be the master of the island.


each game turn, the island of Taluva expands and new landscapes appear; you will have to find the best places to build your huts, temples and towers. However, beware: your opponents are watching you and will take pleasure in destroying your settlement...

for 2 to 4 players, from 8 yo - time : 45 min

In this ever-changing island, you'll need to use good tactical and strategic skills to win.


Simple and intuitive, the placement and construction rules allow infinite replayability, and will satisfy both beginners and skilled players. Finally, the high quality material (wooden pieces and very thick tiles) will immerse you in a magnificent 3D universe.



48 very thick cardboard tiles,

100 wooden buildings, the rules .

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