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1 Double-sided Game Board = 3 Game Modes!

For much more intense games!

Now it is no longer enough to place a Tile & a Building. You will also have to pay attention to where you put it…
A tile that sticks out of the board is not valid

5 2-hex tiles visible to all the players, 

for much more tactical games!

You will play with as many 2-hex tiles as there are players, and they must be visible during the whole game. So, instead of drawing a Volcano tile, you can take a 2-hex tile to develop your strategy. But be careful, you will only be allowed to take one of these 2-hex tiles per game: so choose the right time!

Some of these 2-hex tiles feature placement restrictions, but will allow you to block your opponents or spread faster.

A new building

To lead you to victory!

2 Boats per player, that can only be built in a completely closed lagoon next to one of the player’s villages. And only one Boat per lagoon!

From the same designer :

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