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Do you like chess, risk taking, expanding your strengths, long-term strategy?

Yokaï No Mori is for you!



A GAME BY madoka kitao - ILLUSTRATED BY naïade

In the Land of the Rising Sun, deep in a forest, spirits – the yokaï – gently defy each other on their favorite playground: the goal is to capture the opposite koropokkuru (an old goblin full of wisdom) 

Yokaï no mori is a game easy to play as for the young ones as for the old ones! 


Inspired by the Shogi – traditional Japonese game – Yokaï no mori is a very simple game, but with a great tactical and strategic scope.

for 2 players, from 7 yo - time: 20 min

One of its features is the pieces are never definitively eliminated: any captured piece can be put back by its new owner back in the game at any moment.


In yokaï no mori, using your kodama, kitsune, tanuki, oni and other kirin, you can discover two games on two different boards; one is a minimalist version with 8 wooden parts but "devilishly engaging", the other has 16 wooden parts for more strategic parts.


1 double-sided board for 2 playing areas,

24 wooden pieces, 36 stickers,

the rules.


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